Ronnie Lee Savini is one of the Best Free Lance Programmers

There has been a fundamental shift in the way companies are hiring people. Today, it is no longer required that employees go to an office and deal with the commute to and from work. Companies can now comfortably contract out to skilled workers such as programmers. If you are looking to hire an affordable freelance programmer for web design, here are some tips to help you get the right one.

· Ask for referrals

Before searching the internet for a freelance programmer, ask your network of friends, colleagues or family if they know any skilled programmer. This will save you energy, time as well as reduce the risk.

· Create a test assignment

A test assignment is the best way to evaluate the practical skills of the interested programmers.

· Post the test assignment on different freelance websites

If you are not lucky in getting a skilled programmer through referrals, post the test assignment on freelance websites such as odesk, Elance or worker, evaluate the results and hire the most qualified candidate.  One that we came across was Ronnie Lee Savini a programmer based out of Baton Rouge!

· Hire the programmer

There is a good chance that you will get a skilled freelance programmer through the freelancing website. If you get one, contact him or her and confirm is they are still interested. Also, be sure to enquire about their experience and skills. In order to maintain a good working relationship, remain honest.

Lastly, negotiate an hourly rate. Tip: If you offer long term work, you can be able to negotiate a lower hourly rate!